'My ex-convict husband is finally free, but now his ex-wife wants to make a comeback in his life'

Dear Celebritist,

I’ve been married to the love of my life for ten years, but out of those, he has been in jail for 8. I’ve been patiently waiting for him, visiting him every two weeks for the past eight years, engaging in jail sex in our conjugal visits and enduring the harsh stares and critics from my family and friends.

Five months ago, he was finally released, and the first thing he did was travel to another state to visit his family, even though they never worried about him, never went to visit him in jail and didn’t even make a call to see if he was doing okay.

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His estranged daughter, who’s now 30-years-old, popped out of nowhere claiming she wants to have a relationship with him now that he’s out of jail and saying how much she missed him and what not.

To be honest, I’m not against my husband having a relationship with his daughter because I didn’t have a father growing up and I know what it feels like. However, I draw the line when it comes to ex-wives that are suddenly interested in “rebuilding” a relationship that wasn’t even that healthy in the first place.

My husband was clear on his intentions of living with me, finding a job in our city and -finally- starting to build our family. But this woman, his daughter’s mother, is a problematic one. She’s a drug addict, has practiced prostitution and has been in and out of jail several times in the last 20 years.

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Credit: Shutterstock

Now her daughter is asking my husband to stay with her and help her get her mom on the right path as if my husband was much better than her.

He was in jail for drug dealing and other minor stuff, and even though he promised he’s a changed man, I know it takes little for ex-convicts to fall down the rabbit hole again. I'm not naive.

The daughter is being insistent on my husband meeting with his ex and offering her his help, but I really don’t think that’s a good idea, and I’ve already presented my case. He seems to be confused about what to do, but the pressure from his daughter has been increasing in the past weeks.

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Credit: Shutterstock

I don’t want to deal with that woman and her baggage. I have enough with my husband and his -sometimes- shady attitudes. I was clear to him about the situation: if he meets with his ex-wife, I’ll leave him. There’s no grey area on this one for me.

What do you think? Am I too harsh? Are my reasons logical enough or do I seem to be overreacting?

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