Breathtaking moment baby hugs her mother seconds after being born

A viral video featured a touching moment between a new mother and her newborn child. Seconds after the baby was born, the infant hugged her mother.

Brenda Coêlho de Souza delivered her baby via C-section in the Santa Monica hospital in Brazil.

Brenda experienced a rare and special moment when her baby was brought to her for the first time.

Their unexpected interaction was a precious moment that it was no surprise the video of the mother and daughter became a huge hit online.

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Baby Ágata Ribeiro Coêlho was taken to meet her mother for the first time following a safe delivery.

In the video, the medical personnel was holding the infant as Brenda laid down on the bed inside the operating room. It had only been seconds after Ágata was born, but she proved just how strong her connection is with her mother when she touched her face and held Brenda close to her.

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

Ágata was brought up to Brenda’s head, and she quickly wrapped her arm across her mother’s face.

At one point, she even appeared to be kissing Brenda on the cheek and her nose.

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

Although Brenda looked tired and out of it because of the pain medication, her eyes still spoke and expressed how she loved her new baby.

She couldn’t hold her baby yet, but she was happy to have Ágata so close to her.

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

Ágata soon cried in the video but was soothed shortly after. Perhaps it was the feeling of being close to her mother.

Members of the medical staff were stunned that baby Ágata wouldn’t let go of her mother’s face. It was the perfect display of a mother and daughter’s deep connection.

Brenda, a 24-year-old administrative assistant, shared her sentiments about the first time she met her baby.

She said, “It was an incredible moment when my daughter hugged me for the first time. Ágata is now three months old and is doing great, every day is a surprise, and I love being a mother.”

Meanwhile, another woman and her partner celebrated the birth of their baby but in a more unconventional way.

The couple had to welcome their newborn in a different setting as the mother delivered her child in a Texas Chick-Fil-A.

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