Woman cut 14 inches off her hair and looks totally unrecognizable now

Alexandra Dubrak wowed people with her transformation after undergoing a makeover on the "Today Show."

Her jaw-dropping transformation was featured on the "Today Show" where she and two other women had a makeover session with celebrity stylist Louis Licari and his partner Rodney Cutler of the Licari Cutler Salon.

Just a few hours after the makeover session started, the three women walked out of the Rockafeller Plaza looking so different and way more pleasing to the eyes. Follow us on our Twitter account, @amomama_usa, to learn more and scroll down to watch the video below.

But it was Alexandra’s transformation that caught more attention because of the touching reason she volunteered for the makeover.

Alexandra decided to let go of her long locks because she wanted to donate her hair. She donated 14 inches of her hair to a charity organization serving cancer patients.

Her new look also got people talking because she looks good with her above-the-shoulder bob.

Source: YouTube/Today

Source: YouTube/Today

Stylists Louis and Rodney also added some darker tones around her face to highlight the oval shape.


Alexandra beamed from ear to ear after the two stylists turned her around in the stylist’s hair to show the hosts.

Source: YouTube/Today

Source: YouTube/Today

Her hair perfectly suited the shape of her face and its color complemented her skin tone.

The video of her makeover, shared on October 7, 2016, has racked up almost 400,000 views on YouTube.

Another woman who surprised people with her transformation after a makeover was Christine Errico of Ocean Township.

A rehab nurse, Christine, 51, always wear sweatpants and rarely find times to think about her appearance because she works for long hours at the hospital. Her daughters and the "Rachael Ray Show" surprised her on April 27 and May 1, 2018.

Christine was taken to New York City for a makeover, which included visits to J. Crew and Lenscrafters in Brooklyn. She got two pairs of glasses, while style and makeup artist Mally Roncal oversaw her makeover.

The nurse arrived on the show in sweatpants and broken glasses. But when she made the grand entry on to the stage, her family was stunned to find their loved one looking gorgeous in a green dress.

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