Rescued dog who was afraid to be touched now constantly rubs against owner for comfort

A kind-hearted man rescued a dog named Aka. The pup used to be afraid of humans, but one month under his new owner’s care, the dog couldn’t stand to be away from him for a long time.

The poor, rescued dog wandered the streets of Lahan Sai in Cambodia for quite some time before he was found by Michael Chour in August 2018.

During the dog’s years of being a stray, he got sick and lost most of his fur.

Chour, who is a founder of The Sound of Animals – an organization that rescues dogs in Thailand and Cambodia, dedicated his time to nurse Aka back to health.

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The man was driving home when he saw Aka on the road late at night.

Speaking with the Dodo, he said, “He had one of the worst cases of mange I’ve seen for a long time. I think that he was very sick for more than one year.”

Chour got out of his car and tried to go near Aka, but he kept running away until Chour placed a bowl of food for him.

Aka came back for the food, and Chour slowly tried to pet Aka. The man recalled that the dog seemed to have no idea how to react.

He suggested that it’s possible no one has ever tried to pet Aka or at least go near the poor dog.

“People here hate stray dogs, and they often just throw stones at them, and I don’t think he had any owner his entire life,” said Chour.

Even though Aka seemed afraid, Chour was able to coax him to get into his car. He took him to his organization’s shelter called Blue Dream.

Chour said, “It was probably fatigue that just made him accept. But I think that he understood that I wanted to help.”

Volunteers at the shelter helped Chour in giving the dog a thorough medical check-up. They found out that aside from mange, Aka had blood parasites and a bacterial infection.

Over the next couple of weeks, Aka was treated with antibiotics and IV fluids. Slowly, he gained his strength and was becoming healthy again.

After one month, Aka seemed like a new dog filled with joy and in good health.

Over time, Aka became very close with Chour. The dog constantly seeks love and attention from the man who saved his life.

Chour said that the dog had found a reason to live.

He added, “He trusts again and always asks for attention. I love to see him jump after me. He doesn’t even need a leash to go on a walk because he never goes more than a meter away from me.”

According to the Dodo, Aka will remain at the shelter until Chour finds him his forever family.

Although, he is also considering the idea of adopting Aka himself and let him stay at the shelter since the dog appears to like the idea of being inseparable from Chour.

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