'Little Big Shots': Steve Harvey and Belle stunned the audience with an incredible perfomance

Back in April, the 5-year-old Bella Kaylor joined Steve Harvey on "Little Big Shots," but unbeknownst to the little girl, Harvey had a surprise planned for her. 

Bella took to the stage dressed in a yellow ballgown, just like her favorite character Belle from "Beauty and the Beast." Harvey wanted to make her time on the show truly spectacular, and the two performed a duet of her favorite song, "Be My Guest."

He then asked Bella if she loved the dress. When she said yes, Harvey said she could keep it. Her face lit up, but the best was still to come. He had also arranged a trip to Disney Land for Bella and her parents. Bella could barely contain her excitement and said that it was "her dream come true."

After Harvey left the stage, the dancers joined her on the stage and swirled around Bella before placing a crown on her head. The segment ended with Bella blowing a kiss to Harvey. 

But before we get to the video of their adorable performance, allow us to introduce 5-year-old Heavenly Joy who won over the audience of "America's Got Talent" back in 2015. 

The talented little singer told Howard Stern that she had been singing since the age of one and that she was going to combine tap dancing into her performance. He kept the mood light by asking her if he was her favorite judge, to which she confirmed yes, he was. 

Her performance truly knocked the audience and the judges off their feet because no one was expecting such a powerful voice to come from such a small girl. She carried every note perfectly and the judges were visibly impressed. 

Heavenly received all the votes she needed to proceed to the next round. When asked what she would do with the $1 million prize money if she won, the girl proved she had a heart of gold by saying she would buy clothes for everybody who couldn't afford it. 

Here are both videos. Which one do you like the most?



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