September 21, 2018

Adorable video of toddler getting confused why Barack Obama is no longer president goes viral

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A curious child could not wrap her head around why Barack Obama is no longer president and expressed her frustrations to her mother. The adorable moment was posted on Instagram and has since gone viral.

In a three-part Instagram clip, Five-year-old Taylor is seen in her car seat as she shoots her mom tough questions.

“Where did Barack Obama go?” she asks. “Why do we have another President? Why did he go?”


Taylor was unrelenting in her questions and judging from her expression; she needed the right answers.

Her mother started to explain that presidents can only serve two terms in the White House but Taylor doesn’t even let her finish. Gesturing with her hands, Taylor presses further:

“But how come Hilary did not get to be the president, and why is she the loser? And what are they even supposed to be winning?”


At this point, the mother tried to hold back a laugh. She explains the voting process to Taylor, but this only seems to confuse the toddler some more. Eventually, Taylor concludes that the current president won because a lot of people wanted him to win.


She doesn’t seem happy with the fact though, and makes that clear when she yells, frustrated:

“But why does he [Trump] have to live there [White House]!”

“Where do you want him to live?” her mother asks.


“I want him to live somewhere else,” Taylor replies. “I don’t want him living in Texas.”

Her mother tells her Trump doesn’t live in Texas, but Taylor would hear none of it.

“Well, I don’t want him to be our president anyway,” she retorts. In the end, Taylor lets us know who would have been the current president of the United States if the decision was up to her. With a sad face, she tells her mother:

“I wanted Hilary and marack [barack] Obama.”

Taylor’s mom revealed in her captions that even after their car ride exchange, her daughter remained angry. She also “asked if she could watch the news with me so she can learn all the things I know.”




Taylor’s questions are not likely to come as a shock for Obama who has answered his fair share of inquiries from kids. Back in 2009, Obama reassured a baffled fourth-grader who wanted to know why people would hate the president.

Obama replied, "Well, now, first of all, I did get elected President, so not everybody hates me," adding that it was all a part of the job.

Six days before his departure from the White House, the 44th U.S president also gave the perfect response to a five-year-old girl who wanted to become president.

"I think that the most important thing is for you to work hard, and to study in school, and to care about people and start helping them now. You don't have to be President to help people."