Mother mouse taught babies to follow her in such a way that none will get lost

A viral video showed several baby mice displaying obedience as they followed their mother while searching for food.

During an interesting turn of events, a family of mice was captured on video while they were looking for something to eat. What made the family intriguing was the strange way they traveled together.

In a single file, the mice marched forward while holding on to each other’s tails.

It appeared almost as if the little pests were attached to one another.

Source: Newsflare

Source: Newsflare

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The bizarre moment was captured in a home in Kollam, India.

The mother mouse led her six little ones as they braved the outdoors in search of food.

Source: Newsflare

Source: Newsflare

All seven mice seemed to refuse to let go of each other, as it appeared in the short clip.

At first, the mice came out of a little hole of a house, but quickly re-enter after they looked startled perhaps from seeing a human nearby.

Source: Newsflare

Source: Newsflare

Not long after, the mother gathered up courage and bravely exited the hole followed by her offsprings in a single line formation.

They marched together. The mother led the way as her babies were right behind her holding each other’s tails.

Source: Newsflare

Source: Newsflare

The mice have been staying at a house in the city. Supposedly, the owner is aware that a family of pests has been living on the premises, and since he is fond of the mice, he just lets them stay on his property.

A friend of the owner, Jagadeesh, witnessed the strange occurrence during his visit as the family of mice headed to the garden to look for food.

Once he saw how obedient the baby mice were, he took the chance and captured the rare moment.

In another viral story, a kind man returned a tiny mouse to its anxious mother.

The man supposedly disrupted the family in their nest, which caused the mother to run away in panic.

Later on, he recorded himself returning the poor mouse back to its worried mother.

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