Adorable video shows little girl not wanting anyone touching her baby sister

Protective toddler won't let grandmother take her newborn baby sister away and it's too cute for words. 

When you think of toddlers the first thing that comes to mind is screaming little kids running around pulling each others hair and misbehaving. In this case, one newborn little girl has a very protective big sister and they are inseparable. 

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Here's a heart-melting event that was shared on Facebook and the media loved it. 

Peyton a newborn is certainly one of the luckiest baby girls as she has a protective big sister name Henley looking out for her before they even leave the hospital in Pennsylvania. 

'Henley, you want me to take the baby? I'll take her,' she says, prompting a quick but assured shake of the head from Henley.

Henley was placed inside the bassinet with her little sister, Peyton and immediately start snuggling her placing one arm under her to hold her tight. 


It was love at first sight and they were joined at the hip. At the beginning of the video, you see the grandmother moving closer to the bassinet and Henley becomes suspicious. 

When it was time to leave the hospital and their grandmother came to take the newborn away, Henley was not happy and refused to let her baby sister go. 

After asking several times, the grandmother gives up as Henley adamantly shook her head and clung to her sister everytime an adult tried to take Peyton away from her. 

In the end, Ashley Saploss Neville, the girl's mother got some time to spend with her newborn and decided to resolve the issue by wheeling them both out of the hospital together. Here's a similar story.

These two are indeed best friends from the start and will no doubt strengthen their bond as they grow up. 

As grandma moves close to the bassinet at the beginning of the clip, Henley looks up at her suspiciously.

Here is another story about an older sister and her special bond with her younger brother making them a unique pair of siblings without the rivalry. It will warm your heart. 

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