September 23, 2018

Corgi found solace in an unusual way after the death of her seven puppies

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A corgi was distraught after she lost all of her seven puppies. Later on, she found a second chance by becoming a mother to a small kitten.

Irma, the adorable corgi, is owned by Johanna. She said that the little dog brought much joy in their life, and they became even happier when she got pregnant.

The entire family was ecstatic that their little Irma was expecting seven puppies.

Although, they were all devastated when she lost all of them. It was evident that Irma truly felt terrible for the loss.

Source: YouTube/ Inside Edition

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Things were easy during her pregnancy. It was smooth sailing at that point. It became difficult when Irma went into labor.

Johanna somehow knew that Irma was not going to be able to deliver the puppies on her own. They eventually went to the vet where Irma went into an emergency C-section.


Unfortunately, the vet soon revealed that all the puppies did not make it.

When they arrived home, the family tried their best to cheer Irma up, but she was in deep sorrow.

Johanna knew that she had to do something to bring back her beloved dog’s joy.

Soon enough, she brought home a tiny kitten that had been abandoned by its birth mother. What made it better was that the cat matched Irma’s color.


It took quite some time, but Irma started loosening up and cared for the kitten like it was her own.

Because of the cat, Irma fulfilled her desire to be a mother. She gave the kitten the love, care, and protection that it needed.

She feeds it, snuggles with it, keeps it warm, and spends the time to bond with it just like what she would have done with her puppies if they survived.


Irma’s unconditional love for the kitten proves how strong she desires to become a mother. She didn’t mind that the kitten did not come from her. All that mattered for her was that she had a baby to care for and give love to.

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