Golden Retriever mother adopts an unlikely litter of baby lion, tiger, and hyena

A group of cubs made up of tigers, lion, and hyenas found solace in the care of a golden retriever at a zoo in China after their mothers abandoned them.

The staff at Beijing Wildlife Park placed two Siberian tigers, two spotted hyenas, a white tiger, and an African lion together so they could nurse with the dog.

They would all spend time and bond together along with the golden retriever’s puppies.

Soon enough, they have developed an unusual friendship.

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Videos and photos of the unlikely group of animals have been circulating on social media, and people can’t seem to get enough of them.

An animal nursery staff at the zoo named Wang Shuo revealed that the first one to be abandoned was the white tiger. It was the first one to be adopted and received milk from the dog.

He added, “Soon after, we had a Siberian tiger, an African lion and spotted hyenas come one after another and formed this strange combination.”

As shared by China News, the cubs have formed a bond and have been loving every moment of growing up together.

The white tiger and lion, in particular, love to jump and run around their enclosure. They also like to playfully push over the puppies as they fight over the dog’s milk.

Many patriots of the Beijing Wildlife Park have become fascinated by the cubs and how they were put together.

A 28-year-old accountant named Meng Ying shared that she thought it was incredible.

She continued, “I thought if these animals lived together there would be bloody scenes but as we can see, they're playing and growing together in harmony.”

Apart from the cubs, the zoo also successfully raised other infant animals, such as bears, kangaroos, and monkeys.

In other news, another story became viral as a lioness fought wild dogs just to protect her cub and let it escape.

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