Stranded dog has tear-jerking reaction when he sees rescuers approach

Following the horrific surge of Hurricane Florence in North Carolina, a dog became viral after PETA rescued it from being stranded on the porch of a house in Lumberton.

The non-profit organization had been helping out the communities that had been affected by the calamity.

In Lumberton, the volunteers from PETA found a stranded dog and saved it from a helpless situation.

On the organization’s official Twitter account, a video of how the rescue went down was uploaded.

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The dog was pacing back and forth on the porch of the house when the volunteers spotted it, as shown in the footage.

On the caption of the tweet, PETA wrote, “PETA's rescue team spotted this terrified and abandoned dog in Lumberton, North Carolina on the porch of a flooded home with no way to escape the rising #HurricaneFlorence flood waters and were able to bring him to safety.”

According to PETA, the dog was then taken to their boat where they transported it to safety at the local police station.

Reports revealed that the dog was brought to a local shelter afterward.

PETA also rescued another dog named Max.

Supposedly, the dog had been climbing onto kitchen counters to escape from the rising floodwaters during the peak of the storm.

After the calamity, the water was still not going down, which caused the dog’s stranded state.

Firefighters contacted PETA to help rescue the dog after they spotted it from the outside.

As revealed by ABC 11, the organization’s rescue team also saved two other dogs and a cat.

Residents and rescuers had been doing their best to save their pets in the wake of Hurricane Florence.

Although, not all the animals were saved. One Green Planet revealed that millions of animals tragically drowned on factory farms.

The poor animals had no chance to escape the rushing waters and were trapped inside the factory farm operations in North Carolina.

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