Kitten escapes its cage to visit puppy two cages down

When a kitten refuses to be alone.


At JoLinn Pet House in Taiwan, a kitten and puppy were in neighboring booths.

The kitten decided not to be alone in his booth anymore and wanted to go next door to the puppy.

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In the picture below it can be seen how the kitten and puppy are interacting with each other.


Clumsily the kitten went about escaping his display booth.

As the kitten jumps up onto the front corner that separates their booths he struggles to keep his balance.

At this point the puppy could not contain its excitement, standing up against the booth tail wagging, almost in an encouraging fashion.


The little kitten maintains his balance and finally jumps over into the puppy’s booth.

When the two of them were finally together in the booth it was a happy sight and they were full of excitement.

Cats and dogs can get up to mischief and both have curious natures. 

When a Great Dane, Ronan sticks his head into the kitten's area, the events that followed were priceless and soon went viral.

The full story can be found at The dog's reaction when the kitten boops his nose goes viral.

Japanese photographer and filmmaker Mitsuaki Iwago was busy filming a special about cats around the world.

He was busy with a shot on Okinawa island when a tiny stray kitten came up to him and then without ceremony climbed all over him. For more about this story visit, Stray Kitten Befriends Famous Wildlife Photographer By Using Irresistible Cat Tricks.



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