Boy notices man snatching little brother and quickly springs into action (video)

A young boy prevented his brother from being kidnapped when he realized that a strange man was leading his sibling away. 

The man was unaware of surveillance cameras in the area. Thanks to those cameras, he could be apprehended and the young boy's brave act was caught on camera. 

The incident took place back in May in a small town in Southeastern China. A man completely dressed in black can be seen casually walking past the mother and her two sons. She has her back turned to him and he takes the toddler by the chin and guides him away from his mom. 

His older brother can then be seen dropping his paper plane in the street before dashing after the kidnapper. The incident was reported to the authorities who arrested and interrogated the man. 

The man claimed that he only wanted to play with the boy, even though it's clear from the footage that he tried to walk away with him without being caught. 

Before we show the shocking footage, another case from Tapei is also making headlines at the moment. A man tried to kidnap a young girl while she was standing outside a restaurant with her mother. 

Surveillance footage showed the man approaching the family and then grabbing the little girl by her backpack. The mother realized what was happening in time and called for help while clinging to her daughter with all her might. 

The man eventually let go of the girl when the mother's scream caused a crowd to gather around them. The man was later arrested but said it was just a case of mistaken identities. He though the mother and her daughter were friends of his. Authorities are still investigating the case. 

Here are both videos. Which one do you like the most? 



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