Pregnant star Hilary Duff criticized for a video where she's kissing her dog on the mouth

Hilary Duff is being reprimanded for doing something that some people believe could endanger her unborn child. She anticipated it and put out on a disclaimer.

The 30-year-old seemed prepared for the possibility that some might not like the video when she wrote out her caption. It may be due to an incident in 2016 when she kissed her son during a visit to Disneyworld.

In the clip, the actress and singer is seen giving her golden retriever several kisses on the nose. In the comment section, most of her fans' hearts melted. The Instagram post is found below.

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Others were not as touched. In fact, many were downright appalled. But Duff initially warned in her caption: 

"If you don't like dog kisses DONT  watch this video! Also leave mean comments in your head TY." 

Still, one account holder with the username "dontbedishonest18," said: "dats [sic] disgusting. Why kiss a dog anyways plus ur pregnant, u people invited a lot of weird illnesses into this world." 

"dats [sic] disgusting. Why kiss a dog anyways plus ur pregnant, u people invited a lot of weird illnesses into this world." 

She left eight barfing emojis at the end of the post. And in a second post said, "Cold sore is one of them, sepsis, fleas, lice etc."

Lissett Galdamez also made her feelings clear: 

"Disgusting for a pregnant woman! Is a baby you have inside and dog kissing have a lot of bacteria!! Even if is a famous dog."

Another user named "Mamiyankee7" commented on Duff's warning, saying "that caption is stupid because we don't have time, its insta, the disgusting video just plays." 

Perhaps Maggie Laurianno was genuine with her comment when she mentioned how she almost lost her newborn daughter to sepsis "thanks to doggy kisses." 

She continued: "Wish someone had told me it was dangerous for my unborn child." 

Source: YouTube/ BuzzFeed Celeb

However, as she made it clear in her caption, Duff doesn't care for any negativity on her post. 

Similarly, on Monday she was not having it when a paparazzo followed her for hours trying to get a picture.

Duff, who has a son Luca from a previous marriage, recorded that incident as well and posted it to Instagram with a breakdown of everywhere the man had already followed her. At the end of it she said: 

"When people say that's what you get for signing up to be a celebrity it honestly makes me sick. This is every day of every month and it's simply not ok." 

Most fans agreed while others reiterated that she had indeed signed up for it and should either be willing to go through it, change her location, or simply not complain.

Regardless of the media backlash to the star's Instagram posts, she continues to share intimate often adorable moments of her personal life. 

Back in June 2018, she made the announcement that she and boyfriend Matthew Koma would be welcoming a girl. She even let the world in on her six-year-old's suggestions for a baby name.

Source: YouTube/ The Late Late Show with James Corden

The young boy apparently thought "Cofont Croissant" was a cool name. In an interview with James Corden, the host tried to convince Duff that it should be an option

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