Darci Lynne amazes audience with astonishing Ella Fitzgerald cover on 'Ellen' show

Famous ventriloquist Darci Lynne Farmer stunned the audience of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" with her remarkable performance of Ella Fitzgerald's iconic song.

In the Facebook video shared by "America's Got Talent" a year ago, Darci Lynne, 13, can be seen performing "Summertime" by jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald, who passed away on June 15, 1996.

The talented girl appeared on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," where she brought her bunny puppet, Petunia, to perform for the crowd. Follow us on our Twitter account, @amomama_usa, to learn more and scroll down to watch the video below.

Before her performance, Darci Lynne, who won the season 12 of "America's Got Talent," caught up with the famous television host and comedian Ellen DeGeneres, 60, about her win and how she began her act in the first place.

Ellen asked her how she felt to be standing up on stage next to her friend and competitor, Angelica Hale.

"It was really hard for me to stand up there with Angelica because I love her so much, she's this tiny, adorable singer, and I'm just really glad that she's supportive of me," Darci Lynne replied.

Source: Facebook/America's Got Talent

Source: Facebook/America's Got Talent

The ventriloquist then explained that she's been working with her puppets for about a year and a half.

According to her, she was about five years old when she first discovered ventriloquism.

Source: Facebook/America's Got Talent

Source: Facebook/America's Got Talent

Darci Lynne said she decided to try it out for herself by practicing in the mirror.

After Darci Lynne and Ellen finished chatting, the young girl walked over to a small platform to start a performance.

Her voice took on the role of her bunny puppet, Petunia, as she sang “Summertime.”

The crowd erupted in applause and cheering after the performance.

Darci Lynne shot to fame after winning the hit talent search show, "America's Got Talent," where she showed off her stunning skills as a ventriloquist.

She also charmed the judges and television viewers with her sense of humor. But more than anything else, she impressed everyone with her powerful voice. She can pull off a variety of musical styles, from opera to country.

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