Silly little dog meant to be guarding sheep acts like a cowboy on a horse (video)

An unusual sheepdog found a new way to do its job while riding on an improbably substitute for a horse: one of the sheep he was meant to be guarding. It seems like the pair has quite a bond because the sheep didn’t look bothered by the impromptu ride.

Source: YouTube/ViralHog

Source: YouTube/ViralHog

A couple of Italian farmers entrusted their loved pooch dog with an enormous task: to watch and herd their sheep. Taking into account that most shepherd dogs tend to be bigger, the little cutie’s possibilities weren’t that great when it came to owning the job, but he surprised his owners.

When they came back to check on their flock and their dog, the sassy little thing was not only taking care of the sheep but doing from a privileged spot, on top of one of the sheeps’ back. The dog seemed to be pretty comfortable resting on the soft wool of his friend, and the sheep didn’t seem to mind the dog’s added weight.

Source: YouTube/ViralHog

Source: YouTube/ViralHog

The animals made quite the picture, with the pooch barking at the sight of the people recording the moment, and the sheep eating some grass peacefully while ignoring the hilarious situation.

Most farmers prefer to use a border collie, corgi, or a German shepherd to take care of their sheep, intimidate predators, keep the animals together, redirect the strays and alert the owners of any inconvenient that might surge forward.

Source: YouTube/ViralHog

Source: YouTube/ViralHog

While he’s not that big, is clear that this pooch found the best way to watch over the sheep, quite literally, while establishing his dominance over the flock with his move. And even if it's not clear how did the dog climb onto the sheep’s back, or why the sheep let him do it, is clear that the pup did an excellent job.

It seems like dogs are not only man's best friend, and unlike cats, they can actually befriend sheep too. 


Meanwhile, in Gawler in north-west Tasmania, a young lamb called Sheepdog started to act like a dog after co-living with Fran Johnston four dogs when the woman rescued him. “It's a case of monkey-see-monkey-do I guess,” said Johnston.

Sheepdog jumps on the truck, eats dog biscuits, expects to be walked with a leash and likes to be petted by the fireside. He sleeps with the dogs and follows them around, but sadly, the cans don’t reciprocate his attention.

“He paws them, he sits with them and runs and plays with them. They have some fantastic games. But the dogs ignore him," said the lady.

Either way, she and Sheepdog have a tight bond, and she believes they were meant to found each other.

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