September 28, 2018

Celebrities who traded insults with Ellen on her show

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"The Ellen Show" has seen its fair share of celebrities, and while most have been as happy to be on the show as Ellen herself, others have shown a slight snarkiness if not a little hostility.

There were times when the talk show Queen has been dealt with more than good-natured friendly banter but with actual insults. And she has given as good as she got.


Occasionally, what happened on "Ellen" didn't stay on "Ellen" and some of the comments blew up into actual feuds.

So let's see what happens when a guest doesn't show the necessary respect to the host.



DeGeneres and the "Will & Grace" star had fun with their verbal sparring in "The Battle of the Gays." The two tried to one-up each other, attacking the other's career presumably for comedic effect.

Ellen commented on Hayes' sitcom being canceled with Sean counter-arguing that it was on longer than Ellen's had been. Fair enough.

But then Ellen delivered the killer jab, "Yeah, that's right. I had to come out first for y'all to do that sitcom," and Boom! Game over.



Williams came onto the show to play "Heads Up!," and as a clue for Justin Bieber, Williams said, "Some people say that he looks like you," making a dig at Ellen's young boyish looks.

DeGeneres couldn't guess the celebrity's name and laughed it off later saying, "I don't mind that, he's adorable." With this pair competing for the title of Number 1 female host, their professional rivalry is understandable. 



In a cooking segment, celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis kept making sexual innuendos about the rice balls they were making and then insulted DeGeneres' cooking skills by telling her that her attempt looked like dog food. 

DeLaurentiis continued throwing shade saying, "Ellen's balls are falling apart … it's just making a mess of my work," while almost sarcastically complimenting Kidman's attempts.

DeGeneres and Kidman got their own back by making faces when they were allowed to try the food, with Kidman spitting hers out into her hand. 



Timberlake and Ellen have been friends for more than a decade, so it was all in good fun when he complained to her audience on the show.


Ellen had texted Justin a karaoke-version of her drunkenly singing his song "Can't Stop The Feeling" but with the wrong lyrics. Timberlake sounded especially hurt that she didn't know the right words, revealing she kept singing "Just electric, just electric, just electric."



Caitlyn Jenner and Ellen rubbed each other up the wrong way after their initial camaraderie about being LGBTQ activists. When Ellen asked Jenner why she had been anti-gay marriage for so long, her reply did not sit well with DeGeneres.

Calling herself a "traditionalist," Jenner said she had been against gay marriage in order to preserve the sanctity of marriage as being "between a man and a woman." Even though she claimed she had since changed her views, Ellen seemed hesitant to believe her and raised the point on "Howard Stern."

The interview got under Jenner's skin so much that she revisited it in her memoir.