Worker grabs little girl’s underwear and a hidden camera captures his perverted actions

Pedro Marrero
Oct 01, 2018
11:59 A.M.

A family of Playa Vista has made a public complaint, after seeing what the security camera of their house captured while a repairman was doing in their daughters’ room.


The repairman was in the girls’ room and decided to check their dirty laundry basket, and then he took out underwear and smelled it, besides taking some and stuffing them in their pockets.

According to the complainant, the man was supposed to perform repairs in the bedroom of the 3- and 5-year-olds, so they had no problem in letting him enter the place.

The unpleasant and alarming act was captured on video by a Nest camera placed in one of the girls' cribs. “I never would have imagined that someone would do this”, said Jason Cooper, father of the girls.

Cooper said the moving company they hired had left their floors scratched, so the man was paid by a contractor to fix the problem.

Source: Youtube/CBS Los Angeles

Source: Youtube/CBS Los Angeles


The surprised father explained that he was in another room when the repairman was there and only realized what was happening when he reviewed the images after he left.

Source: Youtube/CBS Los Angeles

Source: Youtube/CBS Los Angeles

"So I could see when he picked up a couple of pieces of underwear from the laundry basket, and it clearly shows how he brings them to his face to smell them," Cooper said.

Stunned and enraged, Cooper complained to the moving company and made a report to the police.

Source: Youtube/CBS Los Angeles

Source: Youtube/CBS Los Angeles


He also called the repairman to inform him of what his camera had recorded, as well as to let him know that he would make it public through the TV and social media.

Cooper said he heard the man gasp, and that he thinks the technician was thinking of apologizing, but he did not want to hear anything he could say.

Source: Youtube/CBS Los Angeles

Source: Youtube/CBS Los Angeles

"That man violated the privacy of 5- and 3-year-old girls, as well as the privacy of my family," Cooper said. "Obviously, my wife and I are really dismayed by this and we want other people to know about it."

Sex predators can be everywhere and sometimes they do not get discovered. That is why it is so important to always denounce this type of abuse, even if there is fear of retaliation.


Such was the case of actor Corey Feldman, who made his film debut when he was still a child and now denounces a series of abuses of which he was a victim while he was a child star of Holywood.

However, at the very short time of making his complaint, the young man was attacked by some subjects who stabbed him and almost killed him to take revenge on him.

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