Former kid star Corey Feldman badly stabbed in the stomach after revealing Hollywood pedophiles

Apr 09, 2018
12:31 A.M.
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The 46-year-old actor and singer is most famously known for his role of Clark 'Mouth' Devereaux in the 1985 film, The Goonies


On March 28, 2018, Corey Feldman shared a shocking tweet with his followers - a photo of himself in the hospital. Feldman explained that he was dragged out of his car and stabbed.

As reported by Daily Mail, it is rumored to be vengeance attack following Feldman's decision to expose an alleged Hollywood pedophile ring. 

He added that he was alone in the car with his security, and thanked God that his family wasn't with him at the time of the attack. 


Feldman assured his fans that he was fine and said the Los Angeles Police Department is treating the case an attempted homicide. 

The Stand By Me star said he received threats from a group of people he refers to as 'The Wolfpack,' adding they were hounding him across all social media platforms. 

The online threats started after Feldman opened up about the 'rampant physical abuse' that is rife in the entertainment industry, with emphasis on child molesters and pedophiles. 


Feldman referred to it as 'the number one secret in Hollywood' and believes his three attackers are linked to the case somehow. 

The actor first opened up about the cases of sexual misconduct in 2013. Sadly, his story only gained traction after Harvey Weinstein was outed a sexual predator in 2017. 

Corey first reported the matter in 1993, and had provided the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's office 'with names of sexual predators in Hollywood.' 


He was only vindicated in December 2017 when officials in California found the 24-year-old tape with names of men who had abused Feldman during his childhood years. Officials had previously denied the existence of the tape.

This just points to a broader problem in society, where men are mocked or disregarded and not taken seriously when they report cases of sexual abuse and rape. 

There has been a spate of recent accusations lobbed at the powers-that-be across Hollywood and the entertainment industry, from both men and women alike, and many prominent names have been caught up in them.