First lady Melania Trump reveals details on her upcoming trip to African countries

On Wednesday, First Lady Melania Trump announced that she would be visiting Africa next month. This would be her first solo visit without her husband, President Donald Trump.

She announced the news while wearing a $600 Scanlan Theodore pale pink dress and Louboutin pumps. Trump said the visit was for diplomatic and humanitarian reasons.

On Wednesday morning, at a reception for UN General Assembly leader spouses in Manhattan, Melania Trump, 48, announced that she would be visiting Ghana, Malawi, Kenya, and Egypt in Africa.

Her first-ever trip to the region will be on October 1. Last month in a statement, she said:

“I am excited to educate myself on the issues facing children throughout the continent, while also learning about (Africa's) rich culture and history."

For more on this story go to our Twitter account @amomama_usa. Stephanie Grisham, Trump's communications director had this to say about the trip:

"This is a diplomatic and humanitarian visit, which will include stops focusing on healthcare, education, conservation and tourism. As with all that the first lady does, the well-being of children will be a focus at most of the stops."

Trump also revealed her itinerary for the trip. In Ghana, she will push USAID's healthcare programs, likewise in Malawi and Kenya.

In Egypt, she will focus on tourism. She stated:

"I know that through USAID, we have worked with the people of Egypt to promote an environment in which all groups of society -- including women and religious minorities -- can lead productive and healthy lives.”

Trump is only the second US First Lady in history who wasn’t born in America. She is, however, the only one to have been raised in a Communist country.

Trump delayed moving with her husband, President Donald Trump, to the White House. She only moved in five months after his inauguration was done.

The First Lady is the only one to be the third wife of a president, and the only one to have ever posed nude for published photographs. Trump is very protective of her son.

Source: Getty images/GlobalimagesUkraine

Source: Getty images/GlobalimagesUkraine

Unlike other First Ladies, her day-to-day movements are a mystery. They’ve given rise to rumors that she spends less time than is typical in the White House.

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