Eddie Griffin steals hearts with photos of his daughters, showing their striking resemblance

Comedian and actor Edward Griffin, best known for “Malcolm & Eddie,” took to Instagram to share several photos of their three look-a-like daughters on National Daughters Day.

Apart from his memorable role as Eddie in the previously mentioned show, Griffin has taken different parts in comedy movies, including “Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo” and its sequel, “European Gigolo.”

His is a well-known comedian, too, as he was ranked at number 62 on Comedy Central’s list of the 100 Greatest Stand-ups of All Time. Griffin has been married to three different women, and he has welcomed nine children.

As any proud father would do, he took his time to post photos and slideshows of his daughters on National Daughters Day celebrated on September 25.


Most of them showed him posing next to his daughters in several different angles and doing a lot of activities. Some others were pictures taken many years ago, proving that Griffin has not aged a day.


Another feature that most people noticed with all those pictures was that he and his daughters are very similar. His followers admitted that the comedian has strong genes.


In an interview the man had with Miami New Times, the actor discussed his parenting skills saying that, since he was a single father, he had to be the “good cop” and the “bad cop” given the circumstance.

The man later pointed out that he didn’t want to be a comedian when he was younger as it just happened all of a sudden. Griffin revealed that he was funny, he jumped on stage and found out he was good at it.


A couple of months ago, Griffin took to Instagram to share a video of himself dancing next to his mother, Doris Thomas.

The recording started portraying the actor – who was wearing bright blue pants, matching long-sleeved shirt, white shoes, and a white hat – holding his mother’s hand while making some smooth footwork following the rhythm of the song.

Thomas was wearing dark pants, a white shirt, and a long, semi-see-through, dark blue robe with a white flower design. One of the aspects that impressed more people was how good they danced. It was just as if they rehearsed it.

Eddie captioned his post asking the people in Kansas City what they knew about that two-step, the type of dance he was doing and pointed out that his partner was his ‘queen’ mother.

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