Touching photo of firefighter comforting little girl after car accident goes viral

A firefighter is reminded about the fulfillment that comes with his job after attending to a four-month-old child who was involved in a car accident. 

Captain Chris Blazek of the Chattanooga Fire Department rushed to the site of a car accident involving a pregnant mother and her three young children. Above and beyond his duty, he tended to the youngest child who warmed up to him and made him realize how valuable his job is. 

Blazek had just come from relieving a house fire when he was dispatched to the scene of the car accident where a pregnant mother was suffering from abdominal and back pain as her three children sat nearby. Her youngest, a 4-month-old baby, was crying hysterically. 

Blazek observed the two other daughters, no older than seven, seemed fine. So he focused his attention on the screaming child. In a Facebook post where he recounted his experience, he said he took the baby out of the car seat and conducted a quick physical exam on her. Soon after, he said the little girl “laid her head on my shoulder.”

Realizing the other men in the scene had everything under control, Blazek decided to keep watch on the little girl who immediately fell asleep in his arms. At that moment, he realized the impact of his job. 

“It’s moments like this that I am reminded, this is why I do the job.”

As the pregnant woman was transported to a nearby hospital, Blazek stayed on with the children before they were delivered to their family members. 

Meanwhile, a firefighter from Wells, Maine got a different kind of fulfillment after rescuing a dog from a roof. A photo of him and the dog taken after his successful rescue revealed the dog giving him a kiss. The adorable image immediately went viral proving even dogs know how to show appreciation for a good deed. 

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