Video shows actress hitting a woman for shaming her Down's syndrome son

Pedro Marrero
Feb 08, 2019
12:19 P.M.
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A woman in the audience accused this actress of endangering the health of her baby and highlighted the fact that the actress has a young child with Down syndrome.


According to Daily Mail, a Russian actress hit a woman from the audience during a debate show after the woman criticized her for getting pregnant at age 49.

Evelina Bledans is waiting for her third child and was invited to participate in the popular Russian chat show 'Live' to talk about the possibility of getting pregnant later in life.

Her pregnancy was achieved through in vitro fertilization (IVF) and is something that the actress has dreamed since she hopes to have a daughter. Read more on our Twitter account @amomama_usa

However, the positive talk turned bitter when a woman in the audience intervened to attack the actress for having performed IVF at her age, but it became really unpleasant when she talked about her son.



The woman in the audience accused her of endangering the health of her baby by bringing him to the world and highlighted the fact that the actress has a young son with Down syndrome.

The member of the public, called Elena Lebedeva, said the following during the program: "It is dangerous to give birth between the ages of 35 and 40, so what happens at age 49? What were you thinking? Do you want to give birth to another sick child?"

And she also had the audacity to say: "Will you give birth to another child with Down syndrome? Nobody needs a child like that, neither society nor you."


Source: Youtube/Actual for Today challenge


During Lebedeva's diatribe, Evelina tried to interrupt her calmly, but without success. So she got up and went to the audience while another of the guests tried to relax the tension by telling Lebedeva to leave the studio.


Then Bledans stood in front of the woman in the audience and said: "You wretch, I will smack you! This is for my son, do you understand? You can say something about me, but leave my children alone!"

The younger son of the actress, called Semyon, who she shares with the television producer, Alexander Semin, was born in 2012 and has Down syndrome. Evelina and Alexander divorced last year. Her eldest son, Nikolay, 24, currently lives in Israel.



The spectators of the program supported the actress, praising her for defending her children.  

One person wrote the following on Twitter: "Well done in defending your son, he is fortunate to have a mother like you. Don’t stop fighting the bigots."


Another commented: "@Evelina_Bledans Thanks for defending what is right in the world!"

One person wrote: "@Evelina_Bledans I saw your video when you slapped the woman in the audience. I am very proud of you for defending your son and you are a strong woman. Your son is very beautiful indeed."

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