After singing only 5 words, 'The Voice' contestant made all the judges turn their chair

Oct 03, 2018
09:31 A.M.

Very little can surprise the judges of The Voice competition during the blind auditions, but Charlie Luske gave these judges the surprise of their lives. It took only seconds into his performance for the judges of The Voice: Holland to be blown away by this actor.


When they heard him sing James Brown’s world-changing hit, It’s A Man’s World, then turned their chairs to see the man behind the voice, they were beyond stunned. Charlie owned the song as he sang it with power and soul.

His voice electrified The Voice: Holland audience, and invited praise and encouragement from the judges. It was an absolutely breathtaking atmosphere as Charlie Luske showed up and delivered.

There are certainly high expectations for this 36-year-old Amsterdam actor. With his power-packed vocals and his stunning good looks, he is set to be a crowd favorite and this can translate into lots of votes.

The key to winning competitions such as, American Idol, (which ended in 2016), X Factor, America’s Got Talent and The Voice (whichever version you prefer), is pleasing your audience. At the end of the day, they are the ones who vote and they have the power to help you win. It is also important that you bring the entertainment value.


Television especially reality TV is all about the entertainment component. Once a contestant is able to do this he or she has gone half the journey. To complete the other half a competitor must have talent and more often than not, that talent means bringing something different to the competition.


The Dutchman certainly has the full package as he brings his experience in showbiz and entertainment to this competition. He acts, sings, plays instruments and is also a tv show host, and let’s not forget that he is gorgeous.

Look out for him. He may just steal your heart.

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