Will & Jada Smith's daughter flaunts her ostentatious dreadlocks in white dress for new ad video

Willow Smith’s dreadlocks are the center of attention in a new ad video shared by her mother, Jada Pinkett-Smith. Fans may recall Willow flaunting the same dreads in a recent photo with her mom and grandma.

17-year-old Willow is the star in an ad for Maison Margiela’s new scent, “Mutiny.” The short clip featured Willow flying her flamboyant dreads as she pulls off a couple of twirls and kicks.

The teenager’s physical flexibility is undeniable, and that’s no surprise, considering she’s the offspring of two fitness enthusiasts.  

Other promotional shots for the perfume brand show Willow’s dreads in two loose knots atop her head while a few tendrils fall way past her shoulders.

Wearing a wide-sleeved white gown and matching ankle boots, the “Red Table Talk” co-host strikes a series of poses.

Willow, the daughter of Hollywood icons Will and Jada Smith, is no stranger to the camera and flaunting her incredible physique. She's lucky to lay claim to the same gene pool as her mother and 64-year-old grandmother who epitomize the word “ageless.”

Only four days ago, Willow, her mother, 47, and her grandmother, Adrienne Banfield-Jones, broke the internet with visuals of their incredible abs and toned muscles. The photo had over one million likes and amassed comments from fans and fellow celebrities.

Willow’s dad and “Suicide Squad” actor, Will Smith, is also in on the Fitness trend. The actor turned 50 on September 25 and chose to celebrate his big day with a daring move- jumping out of a helicopter.

The stunt was live-streamed on YouTube as part of efforts to raise awareness for a movement against global poverty and hunger.

As part of a birthday tribute, Jada, who turned 47 earlier on September 18, shared a caricature video of Will jumping out of a helicopter and wrote:

“Here is what I love most about you turning 50 @willsmith … you are soaring high in your freedom and have more authentic happiness then I’ve ever seen you have before. You deserve every bit of it! Keep flying and keep doing you! Happy Birthday Willard!!! You make 50 look good!!!”

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