Watch toddler trying to teach a dog to play a 'really fun' game with a hula-hoop

Oct 02, 2018
02:18 A.M.

Watch this dog attempt the hula hoop. Bucky might be an old dog but he is about to be introduced to a new trick. His little friend Sierra has wasted no time in ensuring that her playmate is in the loop or hoop in this case.


This family-friendly dog is naturally good at taking care of toddlers and just being a regular member of the family, and Sierra is convinced that he is also very capable of taking on the task she has given to him.

She shows him what to do by doing it herself, and though she is a toddler she has clearly acquired the hula hoop skill and has perhaps perfected it. This is to her credit as she shows her ability to coach Bucky through hula hoop Olympics.


The Newfoundland is known for its intellect and loving characteristics, this breed also requires stimulation of the mind and regular physical exercise. Do you think Sierra knows this? Perhaps it’s just her intuition but she is determined to be a good coach and cheerleader.


The toddler exercises patience as she carefully places the hoop around her best friend and gives him time to get started. At first, Bucky is hesitant but Sierra is not discouraged. Instead, she gives him motivation with a few encouraging words.


She is a natural coach, wouldn’t you say? Her praises for her furry friend are simply adorable. Watching her teach him and seeing how well he responds to her is enough to make you smile.


They say a dog is a man’s best friend. In this case, it may cover both genders as Sierra and Bucky share a special connection. Bucky is Sierra’s best friend and she is his. He is a smart dog and while he is yet to master the art of the hula hoop he is certainly capable of learning new tricks.

In the meantime, he is doing a good job of taking care of his young pal Sierra and she is ready to show him a thing or two.

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