Dog and man amaze crowd while working in sync during their perfect routine

A young man from Austria and his collie best friend stunned the audience at the 2018 Crufts event, the biggest Best in Show competition for dog lovers. Making an unforgettable performance to a country song, the gorgeous dog proved he'd got moves.

Lukas Pratschker and his border collie Falco cheered up the audience at the National Exhibition Center in Birmingham, UK, with an incredible performance to the rhythm of Big & Rich feat. Gretchen Wilson’s country hit song “Fake I.D.”

They were competing on the Freestyle Heelwork to Music category at the 2018 Crufts. According to the Kennel Club’s webpage, Heelwork to music is described as:

“A relatively recent competitive activity in which participants devise routines of up to four minutes, set to music, and perform the routines with their dog. HTM is divided into two categories - Heelwork to Music and Freestyle - and most Competitions stage official classes in both categories.”

In the category, dogs are judged on obedience while they follow their owners around with musical backing. Lucas created a fun to watch routine for him and Falco that included the dog going in between his legs, spinning around, waiting from a distance, showing off to the public and even dancing in one foot.

The pair did some stunts with a rope, which led to the highlight of their performance. Latching onto  Lucas’ lasso, Falco wrapped the rope around his handler’s body, pushing him to the ground as if he was catching him, and making a celebratory dance on Lucas’ back.

The audience loved every minute of the presentation, and even though Lucas and Falco didn’t win, they put on one of the best performances of the night.

If you think Lucas and Falco were impressive, then wait to see the winning act of the category.

It was Lucie Plevova and her border collie Jump who won the International Freestyle Heelwork to Music competition.

Donning a shimmering blue dress, thighs and black boots, Lucie led her faithful companion through a series of movements to a mix of swing music, as Jump wore a matching blue scarf. The collie showed impressive skills by jumping around, turning and following her owner through the intricate steps of the routine.

Is the second year in a row that Lucie and Jump win in the category, and they surely will be competing again in the 2019 Crufts.

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