School kids help homeless Navy vet and his wife get out of the freezing cold

Local school children came together to build a tiny home for a 61-year-old Navy veteran, Eddie Browning, and his wife, Cindy.

As reported by Fox 5 Atlanta, Browning and his wife got a new roof over their heads, in the form of a tiny house made by a group of elementary school students and volunteers.

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Browning was experiencing a troublesome and unpleasant time. He and his better half, Cindy, were living in a little camper van in Georgia that urgently required repairs after a fire, according to Little Things.

With no warmth and extreme harm to their camper, the pair was compelled to spend each night sleeping in the cold. They didn't have the way to change their circumstance.

What Eddie and Cindy didn't know was that school children were working behind to change their lives until the end of time.

The couple was taken to the Georgia Tiny House Festival, which was being held on a local farm in 2017.

Eddie and Cindy thought they were merely going to look at a group of little-scale homes on display. However, in reality, their prayers had been answered.

The two couldn't contain their happiness as the group of selfless students led them to a tiny building.

Meanwhile, another group of students from Santa Clarita Valley International Charter School in California also came together to build tiny, yet comfortable homes for homeless veterans who need them, according to Mambee.

These kids, aged between 9 and 10, kicked off their campaign to build houses for a school project.

They raised money through a Go Fund Me account that went towards making their goal possible. These funds went into building tiny houses for the homeless.

Despite the fact that the houses were modest, they still served the purpose of giving the homeless a really fair place to live.

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