Cat 'discovers' it has ears and the pet's adorable reaction goes viral

Aby Rivas
Sep 29, 2018
08:18 A.M.
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Mimo, the cat, has become a viral sensation after her owner shared a video of the feline seemingly discovering her ears with the help of a mirror and her paws.


Since cats always look sure of themselves and they walk around like they own the place, we tend to forget that those cute creatures can be scaredy cats, literally, and they can overreact to the silliest things, whether is a cucumber, a loud noise or just something they’re not familiar with.

Mimo, a Scottish straight cat from Brooklyn, New York, was caught on video by her owner making a huge discovery and, in turn, becoming self-aware, as it says on her Instagram biography. In a video that has earned almost 5k likes and the double of views, Mimo is seen walking across the bed facing a mirror on the wall.


Since the bed and the mirror are on different height levels, the feline can only see her ears reflected, and it seems like she found the pointy things to be curious as she’s seen following her reflection until she eventually stands on her two back legs.

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The shock of her adorable face when she sees her reflection is priceless, but what’s even better is the way she starts to touch her ears with her paws while still looking at the mirror, as if it was donning on her that those things were on her tiny head.


Many followers have pointed out to Mimo’s owner that the smart cat might have passed the mirror test, a behavioral experiment created to determine whether a non-human animal possesses the ability of visual self-recognition.

Until now, only dolphins, orcas, some apes, Asiatic elephants, Eurasian magpie, and ants have passed the MSR test.

Mimo has been getting an outpour of love from all over the world, as her comments are filled with words in several languages, not only English.


“Ugh, why didn’t you tell me my ears were sticking up like that. I can't believe you let me walk around like this all day. Stupid human” wrote Mimo’s caregiver on the caption of the video that made her kitten famous.


Another super smart feline that became a viral sensation is Mulder the cat.

Mulder learned how to open doors, and every morning he would enter his owner's bedroom door to wake him up. The man, tired of getting little to no sleep, created a plan that was supposed to put a stop to his little friend's shenanigans.

Source: YouTube / Sven

Source: YouTube / Sven


The man set up a small tub of water in front of his bedroom door since according to some theories, cats can retain memories and information on their brains, so, by stepping into a tub of cold water, he wouldn't want to repeat the experience again.

However, Mulder figured it out the way to avoid the water and open the door to his human's bedroom, which proves how smart the little thing can be.


Every cat lover knows how delicate cat ears can be. Most cats tend to rely on their listening to locate a bag of snacks being opened on the other side of the house, for example. So is important to help them keep those canals safe and clean.


A healthy cat ear has a nice layer of hair on the outside with no bald spots, and its inner surface is pink and clean. In case of any redness or swelling, the cat should be taken to the veterinary.


To examine a cat’s outer ear is necessary to bring them into a room where there are no other animals, fold back gently the ear and observe. A healthy outer ear has a pale pink, carries no debris or odor, and will have minimal or no visible earwax. On the contrary case, the cat should be examined.


To clean your cat ear place a bit of ear cleaner liquid onto a clean cotton ball or a piece of gauze. Fold the cat’s ear back gently and dab away wiping any ear wax or debris that can be seen on the outer ear.

Is important not to attempt to clean the canal, as it can cause trauma or infection and only professional with the right instruments should do it.


Watch Mimo's self-aware moment below:

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