October 03, 2018

Towanda Braxton reveals she offered to carry sister Tamar’s baby

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Towanda Braxton guested on Bossip's WE TV recently to discuss the recent "Braxton Family Values" walk-out.

She revealed something even more interesting than the issue – that she once offered to carry her sister Tamar's baby when she was having a hard time conceiving a child. 

Towanda shared that after everything that has happened in their show, she has always been called the "hater" by many people. 

Even though she keeps an uptight front in the show, she says that she is actually the "reliable one."


To explain how reliable she is, Towanda says that she once offered to carry her sister Tamar's baby before she got pregnant with her son, Logan, given her strong desire to have a child. 

It's been quite a ride for the Braxton family, especially after all the drama and issues surrounding their reality TV show. 


After having a disagreement about their salaries, most of the Braxton family walked out aside from Traci. Now, she is set to appear alongside Phaedra Parks in the latest season. 

However, this latest addition in their show has stirred trouble within the family, especially since majority agree that she didn't deserve to star in "Braxton Family Values."  


The reason being that she is not a Braxton. She first appeared on the show after Traci and Phaedra bumped into each other one time.

During the show's hiatus, she messaged Parks that they should go on adventures, which she agreed to. 


The hiatus started after Tamar, Toni, Towanda, and Trina walked off the set with their mother last June over a salary dispute. Now, Traci is determined to continue on without them. 

Rest assured, after everything has been said and done, the sisters are set to return to the series.

It is still unclear how this is going to turn out especially with their latest additions in the cast.