Brad Paisley stops his show to call Carrie Underwood, and their emotional duet moves fans

Country singer Brad Paisley’s concerts and tours are known for their surprise factor. This was the case at the 2017 C2C Festival in London.

When it came to him performing his duet with Carrie Underwood called “Remind Me,” the singer had a plan up his sleeve. He got Underwood to sing with him without coming all the way to the country.

Country star’s Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood are known for their close friendship and humor. The two have hosted the Country Music Awards (CMA’s) together for ten years and 2018 would be their 11th time.

They’ve even released a duet and sang together on numerous occasions. The two are always joking around live and on social media.

For more on this story go to our Twitter account @amomama_usa. In 2017, Paisley surprised fans at the C2C Festival in London when he came up with the idea to FaceTime Underwood.

He needed her help so he could perform their duet, “Remind Me.” In the past, the singer has found different ways to incorporate Underwood’s part of the song at his concerts.

He’s used clips from their music video to a hologram of Underwood appearing on stage. However, the FaceTime call managed to add a personal and live element to the performance.

Fans were thrilled when Underwood appeared on the big screen. Many couldn’t help but scream when she started singing along with her friend.

Source: YouTube/Brandon Tracey

Source: YouTube/Brandon Tracey

When the song was finished, Underwood thanked the crowd joking:

“I wish I could be there, but this is better because I don’t actually have to be with Brad.”

Paisley playfully replied, “Shut up” before pretending he was happy she couldn’t be there physically. Their closeness shines through every time.

In 2016, Paisley had another surprise for his audience at the PNC Music Pavilion. About halfway through his 23-song set, and halfway through his song “She’s Everything,” the musician did something unexpected.

Source: YouTube/Brandon Tracey

Source: YouTube/Brandon Tracey

He handed his mic to a fan named Justin. He took the special opportunity to propose to his girlfriend of 6 and a half years, Cassie.

As Justin proposed, Paisley recorded the moment on the fan’s iPhone.

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