Video shows woman throwing hot food at female driver’s face when she’s asked to get out

An Uber driver named Maria Chavez was attacked after the end of a ride by a drunk passenger who threw three cartons of hot tacos at her face,

Chavez, from Midland, in Texas, was able to catch the attack on the CCTV camera installed in her car, which was later handed to the police.

The video has found its way to Youtube and several social media platforms in hopes someone will be able to identify the Uber passenger.

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Source: Daves Not Here

Source: Daves Not Here


Chavez and her husband are currently seeking justice for an act that they consider to be repulsive and degrading considering that she was only doing her job.

The female driver uses the gig during the weekends to complement her nine to five job, and, usually, the rides go well and customers are happy with the service.

Source: Daves Not Here

Source: Daves Not Here

But these two weren't. As it can be seen in the clip, a man and a woman were in the backseat of Chavez's car when she was asked to drive back to the bar they were just in to collect other people.

Source. Daves Not Here

Source. Daves Not Here


Chavez refused and politely asked them to leave the vehicle. Although he wasn't happy, the male complied with her request,  but the brunette refused to leave.

After arguing back and forth, the inebriated passenger is seen throwing the hot food at Chavez's face before leaving the car, causing the driver to start crying.


It can be dangerous to work as an Uber or taxi driver, but not all clients are bad; for Pedro Hahamian, from Los Angeles, driving Quincy Amarikwa, a player for the San Jose Earthquakes, was life-changing.

During the ride, the professional soccer player learned that the cab driver was having trouble paying his mortgage, so he handed him a check for $2.200 on the way out.

At the time, Hahamian didn't even know who Amarikwa was, but after realizing that the check wasn't part of a gag, he was over the moon. The two posed for a sweet pic together, which was later shared by the soccer club on their official Twitter account.

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