Picture of women grimacing during Kavanaugh's angry defence goes viral

A photo of president Trump's nominee for the US Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh, has gone viral on social media due to the powerful message it conveys. However, upon checking on the background of the photo, all is not actually what it seems.

Brett Kavanaugh is being accused of sexual assault by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, a California professor. According to her, he sexually assaulted her during a high school part in 1982. However, Kavanaugh strongly denied the accusations.

While the hearing had strong and iconic images throughout the whole thing, a wide-framed photo of Kavanaugh testifying while a group of crying and angry looking women have generated quite the attention.

People on social media saw it as the most accurate depiction of how women feel towards the suspect, given that multiple women have accused him of sexual misconducts and many critics have questioned his legal record on women's issues and cases. 

However, just like any other viral story, not everything is always as it seems. It turns out that most women sitting behind him were actually family, friends, and supporters, including his own wife, mother, and confidant. 

It was quite the hearing for Kavanaugh, who was so passionate during his almost hour-long testimony while sharing the impact of the allegations to his family and reputation. Meanwhile, the victim, Dr. Ford, has shared that she has had to leave her home because she has been receiving multiple death threats. 

Given the issues surrounding him and his hearing, Kavanaugh's nomination is hanging by a thin thread and it is unclear whether or not president Trump will be pushing through with his Supreme Court nomination.

After hearing what he had to say during the hearing, a professional named Professor Ludington stepped up to speak about how Brett has lied on the stand. 

According to her. 

This case is far from over, and it is only a matter of time before the verdict comes out. 

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