Video of kind-hearted girl helping an armless man to eat quickly goes viral

A video showing a little girl named Li Zao’er doing a good deed has gone viral.

The young student from Nanyang City, China, was caught on film helping a man with a disability. According to her father, Zao’er has a natural caring disposition.

Li Zao’er, 10, a middle school student, was on her way home from school when she saw a man struggling. He was sitting outside a shop with a piece of bread.

However, being armless, the man couldn’t eat the bread. Zao’er saw his predicament and sprang into action by coming over to open up the bag for the hungry man.

For more on this story go to our Twitter account @amomama_usa. She didn’t just stop there but took the time to feed the man as well.

A woman who was picking up her child from the little girl’s school saw the kind deed and recorded it. The parent later shared the video on a chat group.

Zao’er had this to say:

“I saw a piece of bread beside the poor armless man, but he couldn’t open it by himself. So I helped him by opening the package and then fed him.”

Source: YouTube/AllVideoKingdom AVK

Source: YouTube/AllVideoKingdom AVK

Her teacher, Shao Jianqiu, spoke with pride about her student. The little girl is said to excel both in her academic work and in her kindness towards others.

Source: YouTube/AllVideoKingdom AVK

Source: YouTube/AllVideoKingdom AVK

Jianqiu used Zao’er’s deed as an example for the rest of the class. The little girl’s father was pleased to hear about his daughter’s good deed.

He revealed that she sometimes she helped out her elderly neighbors as well. According to a study at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, children can be taught to be caring.

Parents can do these four things:

1. “Children and youth need on-going opportunities to practice caring and helpfulness, sometimes with guidance from adults.”

2. Children must both listen to those around them, and try to understand the bigger picture to become caring individuals.

Source: YouTube/AllVideoKingdom AVK

Source: YouTube/AllVideoKingdom AVK

3. “Children and youth need strong moral role models.”

4. “Children need to be guided in managing destructive feelings” like anger and shame.

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