Wendy Williams rocks all-orange outfit and oversized sunglasses in recent picture

Wendy Williams has been killing the fashion game recently, being spotted out in a bright orange outfit that only a few can pull off. However, being the icon that she is, she had no problems at all making the outfit look good on her. 

Recently, she stepped out of her car in a bright orange outfit as she headed towards one of her many appearances in the past few days. In the photo she shared, she donned an orange knit dress which she paired with an orange coat. As for her shoes, she has no choice but to step into one of her many pairs of flats, as her chronic condition has hindered her from wearing heels. This has been no problem for her, however, given her lean and tall features. 

Her appearance in the all-orange outfit comes right after it was revealed that she actually had a cameo on "Saturday Night Live", where she did a reenacting video.

In the video, they were poking fun at Pete Davidson's eventful summer, where he got engaged to singer Ariana Grande. 

In Adam Driver's opening monologue, Davidson winked at the camera when he was asked how his summer had gone. Later in the show, a short video showed Kyle Mooney trying to steal Davidson's identity, even bleaching his hair blonde and getting a famous girlfriend. As for Mooney's reenactment, his girlfriend was Wendy Williams. 

As always, Wendy looked amazing in the short stint she had on "SNL", donning a red dress that accentuated her curves. She has easily been wearing tight-fit dresses in the past few months, following her incredible weight loss journey that has made her more than 200 pounds lighter than almost two decades ago. 

Now, Wendy Williams is living the life, and nothing and no one is going to stop her. 

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