Vile video of server brutally driving sleeping homeless man away by pouring water on him

Jaimie-lee Prince
Oct 05, 2018
08:23 A.M.

Two Dunkin' Donuts workers showed their lack of humanity when they dumped water on a homeless man. The internet was up in arms about it and they got fired.


Jeremy Youngs Dufresne, 25, suffers from schizophrenia. He is also homeless and known by the employees of the Syracuse Dunkin' Donuts branch to come in and sleep there.

The two employees came up with the idea of dumping water to draw away Dufresne from sleeping at the business establishment. They even had the audacity to film the attack.

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"You want to sleep?" Yelled one of the employees as he carried over a jug full of water.

And with that, he poured out all the water onto the poor man while he and another employee are heard laughing.

The startled man got up and held onto his phone and charger. The employee then taunted him:

"How many times I got to tell you to stop sleeping in here, my [expletive]? You here all day, you have enough time [in here]."

He added:

"How many times have the customers and the people going to tell you to stop sleeping in here?"


Dufresne mumbled that it was by accident he fell asleep, to which the employee replied:

"No, it wasn't on accident bro. You know I'm not playing with you. I ain't gonna call the cops like I said, you gotta get out of here."

After the occurrence, Daily Mail reported that Dufresne usually goes to the North Salina Street restaurant to charge his phone.

That particular time, he wanted to call his mother to tell her goodnight.

His family has attempted to take him in, but he opts to stay on the streets. And regarding the employees' behavior, he holds no ill will towards them.


"He probably had some personal problems of his own and needed someone to talk to. And he took it out on someone else, like me," Dufresne said.

Source: YouTube/ News Leak Replacement

Source: YouTube/ News Leak Replacement


The young man was only 14 when his father passed. And though he holds an interest in art, he has given up on that dream.

Meanwhile, the two male employees were suspended by the company. Their spokesperson said management was "extremely disturbed" by the video.

Regardless, a protest was done in the name by a homeless outreach called "We Rise Above The Streets" following the incident which happened Sunday night.


Source: YouTube/ News Leak Replacement

A GoFundMe page was set up to raise money for Dufresne. It is already at $1,600 since yesterday.

In addition to the barrage of comments directed against the two men, the actual assistance just shows how kind people can be amidst the worst of us.

Amanda Vanderford also showed this when she captured on film a Taco Bell employee who took care of a homeless man that had walked into his workplace.

Brandon Stephenson insisted on purchasing food for the man. When he did, he even made conversation with him, explaining how he could relate to the man's situation.


Source: YouTube/ Keeton Media

When Vanderford shared the video on Facebook, an outpouring of gratitude and appreciation of Stephenson's selflessness came in.

He received free cupcakes, a sum of cash, and even a free night at a hotel.


Of course, the small acts of kindness tend to be overshadowed by the more heartless ones.

Such as three months ago when a homeless man was kicked out for simply being homeless. Yossi Gallo invited the man into McDonald's with him, but his good deed was undermined immediately.


Source: YouTube/ Label 13

As workers and management tried to get the man out, Gallo recorded the ordeal. It garnered over 40 million views on YouTube and intensified until some people called for a boycott.

Gallo defended the officer as just doing her job, but it will be interesting to note whether the responsible employees and the owner are held accountable for the despicable act.

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