Father hangs himself in son's bedroom a few weeks after his son took his life the same way

Jaimie-lee Prince
Oct 05, 2018
04:47 A.M.
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A distraught father was left with no reason to live when his son took his life after a break-up with his girlfriend. The father hung himself a few weeks later. 


According to Mirror, Martin Leonard, 48, did not take much notice to his son Macauley's changed behavior after he decided to take a break from his longtime girlfriend in January 2018.

The night of March 7, 2018, after handing over a spare key to his ex-girlfriend's car, Macauley hung himself just three hours later. 

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Thereafter, Martin told his wife that his son's face was haunting him. The man he had spent his life taking care of his son who was now gone.

Macauley's mother Lisa used a herbal remedy anti-depressant named St John's Wort for her son before the incident, but it proved deceitful. 

Lisa, who believed it had been working, described her ordeal: 

"Macauley was our world, he was our only boy," she said at the inquest. 

That night, Martin knocked on his son's door at about 9 p.m., leading to no answer. 


Martin figured Macauley was there with his girlfriend. But then ten minutes later when he saw a light, he decided to investigate. 


He met Macauley hung and tried to resuscitate him to no avail.

Macauley's ex-girlfriend explained to the court: 

"We ended on good terms - we hugged hard before he went back in the house."

She continued: 

"He said he wasn't having a good day. I said was that with work, and he said, 'no' in himself. But if I had believed he would have gone on to do what he did, then I wouldn't have let him be alone and would have stayed with him." 


On April 9, Martin followed suit in the same fashion. Officer Jack Taylor of the Humberside Police revealed his findings after visiting the home in Shinewater Park.

He said that "there was no evidence of foul play or third-party involvement." And Pathologist expert Dr. Ian Richmond double checked Martin's system.

Lisa explained that she had woken up at 4 a.m and found her husband missing from his usual spot. 

Source: Metro


She got up and checked for him downstairs. Upon encountering a locked door, she called 999 to come in. 

Unfortunately, they couldn't save him and Lisa was left to handle the proceedings.

Meanwhile, in January 2018, a man went off after an argument with his girlfriend. 

Ian Harrison had gotten into it with Linda Ryan during his 39th birthday.  Soon after, his words came to pass

One of Harrison's comments was "I might as well hang myself." The man had drunk eight cans of cider drink. 

And in August 2018, another suicide couple appeared on the internet. 

Identical twins Neil and Paul Micklewright, both aged 52, were inseparable from birth. 

Sadly, the unmarried pair's bodies were recovered at the Davyhulme park in Trafford, Greater Manchester by a dog walker.