Stranger allegedly tried to rape a 90-year-old woman, but a mail carrier saved her

Jaimie-lee Prince
Oct 03, 2018
08:30 P.M.
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Antonio Colon, 41, was more than willing to assist the elderly lady who would have otherwise become a victim to a horrendous attack. 


Colon, a Chino resident, worked at the post office for 14 years. He had never before witnessed such a vile incident. 

He heard both English and Spanish screams from one lady as he delivered mail to a senior apartment complex one Saturday last September.

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Source: YouTube/ ThePostalRecord


"When you hear somebody call for help, it grabs  your attention," he explained. 

Color said he rushed over to the apartment and saw that the door was open but the screen door was not. 

"When I got to the apartment door, I saw the back of a man kneeling on the ground. When I asked what was going on, he got up quickly and started to button up his shorts." 

He continued: 

"He told me that the lady had fallen and he was trying to help her up." 

Source: YouTube/ ThePostalRecord


But the woman interjected saying, "No, mijo, he's trying to rape me. Call the police."

Colon did just that and told the man to wait. The man wanted to leave and even asked Colon if he really wanted to get himself involved. 

"I said I was already involved," Colon replied. He threatened the man with a pepper spray that he kept on him. 


When the police arrived, they arrested the culprit on suspicion of disorderly conduct according to a news release. 

And with that, Colon continued his deliveries. He said in an interview that he was just "happy that [his] customer was OK."

Colon was rewarded by the National Association of Letter Carriers on Wednesday, September 26 in Washington, D.C. 10 other letter carriers received awards.

He received the 2018 Western Hero of the Year Award. He also got to tour the nation's capital with his son Alex, 20. 


The two visited the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument, and Thomas Jefferson's home in Monticello.

Colon said: 

"I didn't expect anything. I am grateful for everything I have received so far." 

Before he was a mailman, Colon worked as a machinist who made paintball guns. 

Now, he is a hero despite his unwillingness to call himself that. And that woman will forever be thankful for Colon's humanity. 

The matter of sexual assault is coming to the forefront recently, especially in Hollywood. 


One victim named Lucia Osborne-Crowley shared her story in which she described herself as the "perfect" rape victim.

Crowley, who was assaulted at only 15, never told anyone what happened to her for years. She was ashamed. 

But after detailing the night of her rape, she highlighted the fact that women must not push such events under the rug, as bad as they are. 

And if they do, there is help out there in dealing with "persistent physical effects of severe sexual trauma," which not many are aware of. 


Source:YouTube/ ThePostalRecord

Of course, people like our considerate mailman should also be appreciated for stepping in to assist when such things happen.

Sometimes, however, mailmen and mailwomen are simply appreciated for being kind and friendly people who make your day brighter. 

Back in July 2011, a cat owner recorded a video in which their believed pet played with the mailman at noon one day. 

Source: YouTube/ tikigoth

Actually, the four-legged furball known as The Baron does this every day. She runs to the door and snatches the mail before dashing away with her prize.

Debra Anderson is the lucky human who gets to engage the adorable feline in play.