Man lived on the streets for 25 years, but after a drastic makeover, he looks unrecognizable

Jaimie-lee Prince
Oct 05, 2018
01:04 P.M.
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Jose Antonio spent over two decades as a homeless man residing in Majorca, a Spanish island. He was known for his kindness among locals, but it was time for someone to be kind to him.


Antonio, 55, received a makeover a couple years ago that stunned the internet. The video also showed how Antonio's friends and acquaintances no longer recognized him after the transformation. The clip is found below.

Poor Antonio couldn't even recognize himself. The difference in his before and after looks was no less than astounding. But there was more to come for the Gran Canaria native.

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Source: Facebook/ La Salvajeria


The parking attendant, who was formerly an electrician, was known as the cigarette-smoking local who regularly sat in the city square. Some also knew him as a parking attendant. 

Antonio suffered from depression and several chronic health conditions which he ignored for years. 

He told the Daily Mail:

"I'd ended up like a vegetable, not worrying about what I ate or how I looked." 

Source: Facebook/ La Salvajeria


So at long last, barber Salva Garcia stepped in and took matters into his own hands by offering Antonio a free makeover. 

He gave the man a trim, a wash, and threw on some dye. And with that, Antonio became a new man. 

"This is incredible," he exclaimed when he saw himself in the mirror. He asked, "Is this me?" 

Source: Facebook/ La Salvajeria


Then he rightly said:

"I'm so different, no one's going to recognize me unless I tell them who I am." 

He was right. The clip showed the dramatic reactions from people who knew Antonio before the drastic change. They were shocked. 

Since then, Antonio was sought out by Telecinco, a Spanish news network. They revealed that Antonio was still clean-shaven and staying well-kept. Most importantly, he was not homeless anymore. 


Antonio, who now wears his grey hair in a short cut, had saved up money to rent his own apartment. He explained: 

"I was living in an abandoned house when that video was shot which was brought down by recent floods. I had no access there to running water or cooking facilities. Now I can get a shower whenever I want and a good night's sleep."

The changed man has also picked up a new nickname from locals - "George Clooney."

Some compassionate individuals also helped Antonio get his chronic health problems treated. Currently, he is looking for a proper job to go along with his revived strength and ambition.


Source: YouTube/ JonnyTGood - VIDEOS GOING VIRAL

He restored his vision from a cataracts problem, treated an ear infection, and treated some foot pain resulting from callus-like sores due to a vitamin deficiency

Antonio said he will be "eternally grateful to [the hair salon owner and other locals]. It's not just a change of looks. It's changed my life." 


Antonio not only gained confidence but renewed his interest in life overall. He said the huge change has "had so many practical consequences."

Thankfully, there are people out there who regularly give free makeovers to those who can't give it to themselves. Take Mark for instance.

Source: Woman's World


And back in 2017, one makeup artist who regularly enhances faces of willing clients finally convinced her grandmother to receive a makeover. 

Goar Avetisyan is based in Russia and has a following of 5.2 million just on Instagram. But Avetisyan wanted her grandmother Shuraa to experience the power of makeup. 

She first let down Shuraa's hair, then groomed her eyebrows and applied the transformative products. But it was Shuraa's own long brunette hair that completed the dramatic look.

Source: YouTube/ Makeup Hairstyle

Afterward, the elderly lady displayed a look of confidence as she smiled up to her granddaughter and sent kisses at the camera.