October 09, 2018

Granny hears favorite song in a supermarket and her moves fascinate employees

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When the unidentified old woman heard a Stevie Wonder song in the grocery store, she couldn't help but dance - and her moves got a ton of smiles from the workers.

In this video, which was filmed by the shop's cashier, the grandmother can be seen dancing when Wonder’s “Part Time Lover” begins playing.

The dancing grandmother has taken the internet by storm for her hysterical reaction to the tune, which unquestionably has to be one of her favorites.

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Source: Youtube/ Cafe Matutino


As reported by Inspire More, this senior woman has just grabbed a shopping basket and looks ready to pick up a few items. But first, she has to dance.


During that time, the rest of the customers at the grocery store are occupied by their routines and continue to check out with their goods.

In the video, the adorable granny can be seen dancing shamelessly as she carried a still empty shopping basket.

At a certain point, she even kinda-sorta hits on a young man who's simply attempting to purchase a soda. “Are you my part-time lover?” She asks, making him burst into chuckling.

Source: Youtube/ Cafe Matutino



Since current communications technology has filled the world with cameras, and Internet users are constantly after the next viral sensation, unconstrained old women and courteous fellows are enjoying much prominence with their shenanigans.

There is something to the clips of old individuals who show that age is only a number that makes them overwhelming, as we all want to be fortunate enough to age that beautifully.



A great-grandmother, from Huntsville, Alabama, named Ophelia West, who recently turned 100 years of age, may require the assistance of a stick to stroll around. However, that doesn't prevent her from making some dancing moves to present day music.

Her reaction to her 8-year-old great-granddaughter Alaria Taylor's challenge to a dance battle to the beat of Fifth Harmony's "I'm Worth It" quickly went viral when her little girl Alexis got the two on video and shared it on her YouTube channel.


The adorable footage, on which West asks the person behind the camera if they want her to “do her thang” before proving she still got it, has amassed over 1.7 million views on YouTube and over 3 million on Facebook.


A grandmother, from Cuban, fascinated the netizens around the world when she was caught dancing while she was making a soup for her relatives in what looks like a family get-together. The video was shared more than 98,000 times.


The star of the viral clip manifested no signs of apprehension and appeared to be slightly encouraged by the presence of the camera to put her refreshing high spirits on display while taking care of the delicious meal she was preparing.


Meanwhile, another grandmother, Nana, 88, also captured the hearts of many people with her dance moves.

In a video uploaded to YouTube in 2013, Nana can be seen grooving her way out to the door and down the steps to an awaiting car. Luckily, the adorable moment was filmed by her granddaughters from the vehicle.