Video of mom embarrassing her son with her dance moves at baseball game goes viral

A California teen cringes with shame as mom cuts loose at the baseball game.

A San Diego teenage boy is probably overdosing on giant doses of regret after going to a  Padres Game at Petco Park with his parents.

The boy was caught on camera on the Jumbotron hunched down on his seat writhing in embarrassment as his mother and father, seated on either side of him, danced enthusiastically to Flo Rida's "Low."

The clip was posted to Twitter/RendonRudy and it has garnered over a million views on social media.


There isn't a single child in the world who hasn't been embarrassed to death by their parents at least once in their lives.

It's part of the parent's job description, after all, and overcoming those cringe-worthy moments are believed to build character - at least that is what parents innocently allege.


The boy was seated, hunkered down and trying to become invisible to the surrounding crowd of fans as his perky blond mom danced enthusiastically.


 And that was when things took a nightmarish turn for the worse. Looking up at the jumbotron he saw himself, and his happily swaying mother. Then dad joined in, pointing at him, and calling attention to his stoic expression. 

And the nightmare wasn't over. The cameraman swung back several times during the came to catch up on developments.

Even though the Padres lost the game, this family won a claim to fame.


In a complete turnabout story, two girls convinced their dad to take up their challenge and lip sync and dance to Beyoncé’s "All the Single Ladies."

There was one catch: dad Steve Haddad has to wear a leotard, just like his daughters. The mean girls filmed their dad and posted the clip online for all the world to see.

The video of the portly father belting out Beyoncé’s song while wearing a skin-tight black leotard was hilarious and quickly went viral, and poor Steve became a social media star with hundreds of thousands of views.

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