Girl thought she got the surprise of her life with a puppy until boyfriend went even further

A man named Trevor Karbowski proposed to his girlfriend of two years, Kerri Camp, with the help of the little puppy that they adopted.

The Michigan resident always wanted a basset hound puppy and he saw the perfect opportunity to squeeze the engagement proposal into the adoption.

As it can be seen in the video uploaded to Youtube, Karbowski used the puppy's collar to ask his girlfriend to marry him, something that she didn't expect.

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Source: Inside Edition

Source: Inside Edition


The reason why Karbowski chose to use the puppy, which was named Scooter, was because, on his first date with Camp, they saw a basset hound puppy.

According to Karbowski, that has always been his dream dog, and he told Camp that, one day, he would have one. Scooter was the big winner.

Source: Inside Edition

Source: Inside Edition


Prior to their visit, the hopeful boyfriend prepared everything and even reached out to the puppy farm to let them know what was going to happen.

Karbowski then drafted up a 'contract' that his girlfriend would have to read and sign, with conditions such as 'rub my belly' and 'give me treats.'

Source: Inside Edition

Source: Inside Edition


After carefully choosing the puppy they wanted, Camp was given the contract, which she read read out loud for the camera.

One of the conditions to adopt Scooter was to read his collar, and when she did, her smile widened and Karbowski took the opportunity to get on one knee and propose to her.

Source: Inside Edition

Source: Inside Edition

It was a beautiful moment that was captured on camera, and it was even more special because they were adopting a puppy, which is a big commitment.

While adopting a puppy may be preferred by most people, adopting an older should also be considered because they have a lot of love to give and can be valuable additions to any family.


Tracy Daniels learned that after Ember, a rescued pit bull that she adopted, alerted her for the fact that her son, Tre, needed medical attention.

The 10-year-old was in the bathtub when he suffered a seizure; Ember was the only one who noticed and rushed to warn Daniels, who was in bed at the time.

Fortunately, and thanks to Ember, the boy was transported to the hospital and saved by the team of doctors waiting for him.