Police deputy forcibly grasped student girl and slammed her to the ground

Edduin Carvajal
Oct 10, 2018
05:59 A.M.

Former South Carolina Sheriff’s Deputy Ben Fields was captured in video flipping a student at Spring Valley High School and dragging her across the classroom floor.


According to LA Times, Shakara, the student victim of the brutal police action, didn’t obey orders to put her cell phone away “fast enough.” Todd Rutherford, the 16-year-old girl attorney, set clear that she was not yelling, disrupting the class, or being a threat to anyone.

When Shakara didn’t obey her math teacher’s request, the vice principal showed up and asked her to leave the classroom. The teenager stayed in her seat because she considered the punishment was unfair, so Deputy Fields was called to deal with her.

Source: YouTube/Wall Street Journal

Source: YouTube/Wall Street Journal



The school resource officer asked Shakara to leave the classroom, too, and when she didn’t follow his instruction, the man wrapped his forearm around her neck, flipped her and the desk backward onto the floor, and dragged her to the front of the room where he finally handcuffed her.

Source: YouTube/Wall Street Journal

Source: YouTube/Wall Street Journal



In the video that another student recorded, Shakara is seen trying to protect herself by punching the officer, but it was not enough. The person seating behind the teenager was almost hit by the desk when Fields flipped it.

Source: YouTube/Wall Street Journal

Source: YouTube/Wall Street Journal



Rutherford explained that his client ended up with a hard cast on her right arm, a swollen neck, back and shoulder, and a burn on her forehead sustained from the carpet when Fields dragged her.

Source: YouTube/Wall Street Journal

Source: YouTube/Wall Street Journal


"My thought is that you don't treat a dog that way. We don't treat animals like that, let alone children. What happened was wrong, what you might expect to happen in a Third World country," added the attorney.

Source: YouTube/Wall Street Journal

Source: YouTube/Wall Street Journal



New York Times reported that, even though the video is very explicit, Fields will not face charges as Solicitor Dan Johnson said he found no probable cause. The officer was fired from the Richland County Sheriff’s Department, though.



Fields is not the only officer who has been fired for his behavior as Silvia Cotriss’ contract with the Roswell Police Department was terminated for “conduct unbecoming of an officer” after flying the Confederate flag in her yard.

Even though the officer pointed out that she would have never done it if she knew it was disturbing her neighbors, Telegraph explained that the flag is considered a representation of slavery, hatred, and white supremacy.

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