Roy Orbison goes on tour as a hologram 30 years after his death, and videos are spellbinding

Roy Orbison is on the road once again despite the fact that he passed away from a heart attack back in 1988, and all thanks to a hologram.

The legendary musician has been brought to 'life' to be a part of the "In Dreams: Roy Orbison in Concert - The Hologram Tour," which started on October 1, 2018.

As reported by Inside Edition, Orbison was the latest musician to be turned into a hologram after Tupac Shakur and the King of Pop Michael Jackson.

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Orbison was only 52 years old at the time of his death, but now the "Pretty Woman" singer is able to enchant his fans once again thanks to Base Hologram, the company that created his digital being.

According to Marty Tudor, it was an honor to work on the musician's digital version, but it also took quite a lot of work bringing him to life once more.


Tudor shared that his team studied the singer to the last detail and watched 'every single Roy Orbison piece of film, every photo and every movement.'

Every aspect of Orbison was looked at and analyzed in order to bring the fans the most accurate version of the singer possible, and they believe that they were successful.


Orbison's son, Alex, who is a musician himself, was shocked to see his father's image appear in front of his eyes and confessed that he couldn't help but cry upon seeing him again.

The last time a hologram was used was in 2014, at the Billboard Music Awards, in an unforgettable performance that brought Michael Jackson back on stage.


Two years before that, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg unveiled a digital recreation of hip-hop legend Tupac Shakur at Coachella, in front of thousands of people.


So many great artists have passed away in the last decades, but only some of them will forever be remembered as truly influential. Just like Orbison, Otis Rush left his mark in the music industry.

Rush drew his last breath at the age of 84 on September 29, 2018, leaving behind a legacy that only a few can claim, especially as one of the pioneer guitarists of the Chicago Blues scene.

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