This man looks like and sounds just like Michael Jackson in viral video

Jeffrey Perez Jr. has been a Michael Jackson fan since he was a little boy, and he has been mastering the art of imitating the deceased singer for years. From his voice to his moves, Jeffrey has MJ’s down to the notch, and his rendition of “Leave Me Alone” made him a viral superstar.

When Perez recorded an acapella cover of “Leave Me Alone” with beatboxer friend Annnointed S, aka Shaun Roig, he never imagined people on the internet would go crazy about the striking resemblance he has with Jackson’s voice.

The 32-year-old New York native not only wears Michael Jackson’s wardrobe and has his every move noted, but he also relies on makeup to trace his face to look like the iconic late singer. And the result is always astonishing, considering he also has long hair that helps his looks to match MJ’s.

The video of “Leave Me Alone” has received more than 2 million visits, and earned the performer national recognition and an opportunity to be featured on T2he Ellen De Generes” show. There, Jeffrey was given half an hour to get into character, when he would normally take two, and he performed “Pretty Young Thing” with Shaun, his partner in crime.

Grammy Award winner Chris Brown and actor Mike Epps also got wind of the video, sharing it to their respective social media accounts and congratulating Perez on a job well done.

According to his page, Jeffrey started to develop his passion for Michale Jackson’s music at 1-year-old, when he would jam to the rhythm of “Bad” while mimicking the singer. By the time he was 3, he was obsessed with the “Thriller” performer.

Jeffrey grew up perfecting his act, and to this day he’s one of the most iconic Michael Jackson’s impersonators in the country, continually traveling around with his incredible performance.


Meanwhile, there’s another boy out there who sounds just like the King of pop.

JD McCrary is 11-years-old, but he has already impressed people with his incredible singing talent. The young boy will be playing young Simba in the upcoming remake of “The Lion King,” and his voice is being compared to that of young Michael Jackson, back when he was with the Jackson 5.

On a visit McCrary did to “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” he had the crowd on his feet after his amazing rendition of the group’s song “Who’s Loving You.”

Jackson’s fans are sure about one thing thanks to all the incredible performers who sound just like him: the king may be dead, but his legacy lives on through music.

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