Luciano Pavarotti's little granddaughter dazzles the world with her angelic voice

María Cristina Craciun is a little opera singer who is only 11 years old. At this young age, the little singer dazzles the world and the media with her artistic gifts.

Many believe that talent is inherited simply by blood ties, however, this is not always the case. Many times you have gifts for other things and you can’t continue the tradition. But others are transmitted and all you have to do is continue studying and polishing what you were born with.

The music speaks directly to our soul. It is an art that, when done by someone talented, can be worshiped by millions of people. Read more on our Twitter account @amomama_usa.

Although we are often unable to understand the musical language of a song, we can still feel its emotion. Maria's story begins in 2011 when she took part in a program of young talents on Italian television.

From her first presentation, she has distinguished herself as one of the most prodigious voices of the contest, not only because she is the granddaughter of the best tenor in history.

Maria had a real talent and she shone with her own light. After appearing on television and social media, the video went viral and María Cristina Craciun was catapulted to success.

The girl lives in Romania and chose to sing "Caruso", one of Pavarotti's most beloved songs, which made her performance much more moving. This action was only carried out four years after his death.

The late singer, Luciano Pavarotti, died on September 6, 2007, and if he was alive, he would be surprised at how much the talent of a young girl is all the rage in history.

As if she were an adult, the girl enters the stage and takes up the interpretation of this song composed by Italian singer-songwriter Lucio Dalla in 1986.

Over the minutes, tears and emotion become the protagonists of the presentation of this girl who is applauded standing alongside the audience attending the show.

After the show, she also appeared in the news and there are those who claimed that she was an unacknowledged granddaughter of the great Luciano Pavarotti. The singer, unfortunately, could never see her sing, but in any case, the talent is undeniable and puts the emotions to the surface. Bravo!

Definitely one does not need to be Italian to feel the passion of music through our veins, especially the beautiful lyrics and the interpretation full of emotion that made this little girl, same that captivated the audience.

The voice of Pavarotti's granddaughter will make you vibrate. We can’t deny that the girl brings talent in her veins and has a very promising future in this area; We hope she will follow in her grandfather's footsteps because it will give her a wonderful future.

Anyway, many people criticized this presentation widely, because they considered it inappropriate for a girl whose strings and organism are still in full development to try to sing as if she were an adult, taking her abilities to the limit.

Others devoted themselves to praising the little girl's talent since it is undeniable and they predicted a great future as a lyric singer. Her grandfather never heard her, but there is no doubt that he would be more than proud.

The talent of the children always manages to surprise and move us, as well as the story of this talented girl who dazzled the judges of the show "Britain's Got Talent" with an incredible sample of karate.

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