Shocking moment monkey punches little girl in the face, and she falls to the ground

Oct 22, 2018
04:45 A.M.

A monkey suddenly snaps and attacks a little girl when she approaches too close while feeding it. The shocking incident was caught on tape and went viral on the internet.


Uploaded to YouTube by Salt, the surprising video was filmed at a zoo in China, where the monkey is seen lashing out at a little girl without any warning.

In the video, a young girl is seen crouched down near the monkey while she watches another adult handing the monkey morsels to eat.

The initial few seconds of the video reveal the monkey to be completely calm and relaxed as it happily receives morsels from the adult.

Source: YouTube/Salt

Source: YouTube/Salt


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Then almost without a warning, the animal turns violent on the little girl as it can be seen punching her in the face, sending her flying backward. The poor girl falls down a flight of stone steps, tumbling down and out of the camera shot.

Source: YouTube/Salt

Source: YouTube/Salt


Everything happens so quickly that the exact reasons for the monkey’s aggression could not be confirmed.

However, it was believed that the young girl might have teased the monkey by dangling a piece of food in front of it and then pulling it away at the last second.

This angered the monkey and he seemed to be taking his revenge by taking a swipe at the little girl’s face.

Source: YouTube/Salt

Source: YouTube/Salt


The whereabouts of the exact place where the film was shot are unknown. It is also not revealed whether the girl suffered an injury or not.

However, the video seems to have intrigued all sorts of people on the internet. It has so far gathered over 25,000 views.


Animals are often recorded creating mischief and causing a bit of commotion in public places. Previously, another monkey in the Uluwatu Temple on the island of Bali, Indonesia also made headlines after stealing a photographer’s GoPro camera.

The photographer was trying to shoot the animal with his GoPro while he fed it, but the primate had entirely different plans.

Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik


Fortunately, a local woman helped the photographer get his camera back from the monkey. He explained that she managed to trade some fruits with the animal in exchange for the camera.

In another incident at a zoo in Dubai, a lion was also caught on camera trying to attack a clueless toddler from behind.

Fortunately, the boy was protected by the glass wall behind and the entire incident was no more than an amusement for the visitors rather than a life-threatening situation.

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