Amazing time-lapse video shows how a man lost 42 pounds in just three months

An Oklahoma man was tired of being called obese, and so he decided to commit to a strict diet for 12 weeks and made sure he stayed on track by filming his body every single day.

After graduating college two years ago, Hunter Hobbs' new regular schedule of sitting long hours in his desk job and daily lunch outs have negatively impacted his weight, making him overweight. In an interview with People, he shared what his life was like.

“Over the past year I had got to a point where I had some super unhealthy habits. The whole full-time working routine caught up to me.”

Back in college, Hobbs was slim thanks to his active and sporty lifestyle, but he never tried to diet as his weight was manageable.

However, his recent lifestyle has made it harder for him to get slimmer, and so he decided to commit to a meal plan for 12 weeks. 

“I came up with the idea to document it, and I thought, if I can stick to this and make a change, I can end up with something really cool. That was a big motivating factor.” 

Of course, his diet came with daily workouts, which focused mostly on weightlifting, and eventually cardio workouts to burn fat. Instead of eating out every day, he decided to cook all of his meals, focusing on lean proteins and healthy carbs like chicken, eggs, sweet potatoes, and oatmeal.

“While all my friends went out to lunch every day I was the only guy eating at my desk. I was just super consistent about it, which made a huge difference.”

Well, all of his hard work paid off, and now, he is looking like one of the dreamy hunks you see on television. Check out Hunter's transformation right here on Celebritist:

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