Homeless man returns dropped wallet. What he did after receiving a reward is incredible

Claudine Varela
Oct 10, 2018
06:41 A.M.

A stranger conducting a social experiment learned an important lesson from a homeless man. As he tempted the man by pretending to drop his wallet, the man reacted in the most amazing way.


A homeless man who became the subject of a social experiment has made quite a lasting impression. After returning a wallet that a stranger dropped containing $2,000 dollars, he uses his reward to teach an important lesson.

Source: Waqas Shah on Youtube

Source: Waqas Shah on Youtube



Waqas Shah wanted to find out how a homeless man would react if he accidentally dropped his wallet filled with $2,000 dollars and walked away. To satisfy his curiosity, he conducted a social experiment on a homeless man named Jay who was standing on a sidewalk.

As planned, Shah walked by Jay and dropped his wallet in front of him and proceeded to walk away. What happened next was a series of events than Shah never would have imagined.

Source: Waqas Shah on Youtube

Source: Waqas Shah on Youtube



To Shah’s surprise, Jay called him and alerted him to his wallet. Responding to Jay, Shah asked if he was homeless and the man nods.

When Shah asks him why he gave him back his wallet, Jay admirably replied,

“Giving back is what you do. I don't steal.”

To show his appreciation for Jay’s honesty, Shah gave him a cash reward and told him,

“You're a great person. Thank you for giving it back to me.”

Source: Waqas Shah on Youtube

Source: Waqas Shah on Youtube



But the experiment was far from over. Shah wanted to find out what the homeless man would do with his reward. In another surprising move, the cameras which kept on rolling filming the whole experiment captured Jay heading to a nearby food cart and buying three sets of meals. Then he surprises once again by distributing the meals to the other homeless people in the area. Jay clearly thought of feeding them first before himself.

Source: Waqas Shah on Youtube

Source: Waqas Shah on Youtube

Source: Waqas Shah on Youtube

Source: Waqas Shah on Youtube


Even more curious about Jay this time, Shah asked him about his generosity to which the man replied,


“Giving back is the thing to do. The more you give the more you get.”

An answer that was both logical and true.





Shah later learned from a tearful Jay that his wife is pregnant and that he would often cry and pray that his family will be fine. Shah affirms his kindness by telling him, “I love that you're spreading love." Then he gives Jay more money as a gift for his selflessness.

Jay was right. “The more you give, the more you get.”



Jay’s mantra has been proven and tested by anyone who’s shown honesty and generosity and that includes other homeless men like him.

A 44-year old homeless man in Bangkok identified as Woralop was feeling hungry when he saw a Louis Vuitton wallet on the ground. He attempted to return the wallet to its owner but the owner was walking too fast he never caught up.

Woralop discovered upon checking the wallet that there were 20,000 baht (approximately $500) inside. However, instead of using the money to feed himself, he decided to do the right thing and went to the nearest police station to surrender the wallet.


The owner who didn’t even realize had lost his wallet and recovered it from the police was so impressed by the homeless man’s integrity in the midst of hunger that knew he could trust him. As a reward, he hired the homeless man to work in his metalwork factory.

Source: SWNS via Metro

Source: SWNS via Metro



Meanwhile, another homeless man used his last money to help a woman who was out of gas and was rewarded with much more. Karen McClure’s car stalled while driving because she was out of gas. It was 11 pm so she called her boyfriend to rescue her since she wasn’t carrying any money with her either.

A homeless man, Johnny Bobbit happened to pass by and offered to help her by using his last $20 to buy her gas. True to his word, he returned 10 minutes later with a gas-filled container. McClure promised Bobbit she would return to repay him and she did several times. McClure and her boyfriend eventually got to know more about Bobbit who turned out to be an ammunition technician in the Marines and was broke after a period of substance abuse. After providing a grateful Bobbit with more of his needs like clothes and supplies, McClure and her boyfriend decided to create a GoFundMe page for him. The page eventually raised $300,000. The couple made sure to handle Bobbit’s money for him helping out with getting him an apartment, food, clothing, and transportation. They also regularly gave him an allowance for his day to day needs.

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