Moment panicked woman calls police on group of humpback whales goes viral

A woman calls 911 after a group of whales appears during her family's boating trip causing a wave of controversy regarding the issue of White entitlement.

Most people who go on a boat ride on the ocean would be delighted to witness some of the creatures that live in it, particularly those that live deep in the ocean and rarely surface above water. But a family cruising Puget Sound wasn’t too thrilled with the idea of spotting whale during their journey that they actually called the cops on them – the whales.

Darren Lucianna posted a video of his family’s excursion which unfortunately also revealed their strange reaction to spotting whales. When a Twitter user republished it, it immediately went viral and earned a massive 1.5 million views. 

In the clip, a woman could be first heard hyperventilating and panicking while watching a while bobbing its head on the surface near their boat. Lucianna tries to calm the woman down and at the same time marvel at the amazing sighting as three humpback whales circle their boat. 

“I don’t want to die right now,” the woman says while another person starts to cry.

“Relax. He’s going to check us out and then he’s going to go away. Relax. Seriously!,” Lucianna insists. 

Then things get weird when a woman’s voice emerges in the background reporting the incident to the police. 

“I’m out in Puget Sound, and there’s three huge grey whales underneath our boat, and I’m afraid that we might get flipped over.”

At that point, they began to start their boat’s motor and inched to move away. The whales appeared to try to follow them which scared the passengers who instructed the navigator to “drive away faster.”

As the boat moves farther away from the whales, the rattled passenger says,

“Stupid whales. They’re going to kill us.”

Many would understand why this particular video went viral, not because the family almost got killed by whales but because they called the cops on the creatures whose territory they were actually invading. The exaggerated reaction of the woman who dialed 911 also brought up issues of White supremacy highlighting the twisted notion that only they are entitled to cruise the ocean and whales had no business bothering them. 

This is no different from issues of White people calling the cops on Black people who seem to be just going about their day doing what normal people do. There’s Barbecue Becky who reported a Black barbecue party for using a charcoal grill.

Source: YouTube/Michele Dione Snider

Source: YouTube/Michele Dione Snider

There’s Permit Patty who called the cops on an 8-year-old who was selling water on the street without a permit.

Then there’s Poolside Peter who refused to believe a black woman lived in his neighborhood and questioned why she and her daughter were swimming in the community pool. The list goes on as more and more Black people are reported to the police for the most ridiculous things. It’s crazy but it’s true, unfortunately. 

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